Latest news and log

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Boat Ashore in Kerteminde

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Latest news and log

For the last 15 years we have purchased 25 new Hallberg-Rassy's and almost every Easter sailed one or two new Hallberg-Rassy from the Yard in Ellös, NW side of Orust, app. 100 km Nof Gothenburg in Sweden to its homeport Kerteminde on Funen. We sail the 200 Nm southbound via Marstrand, Anholt and Samsoe.

New Boats


Hallberg-Rassy 31



No Folk-boat anymore









Hallberg-Rassy 37

Running away









"It's cold outside"

















Frers as helmsman





Easter 2009 was no different.

As the charter-crews gets smaller a  new Hallberg-Rassy 31 was needed so we went up again to get another of these fine small boats. There are a slight difference to the previous ones, as the new have a slightly thinner mast and need 2 pairs spreaders in stead of one pair. It is still a flexible 7/8 rig.  Apart from that this boat-type has still got the unlimited "Ocean A" Certificate from Lloyds.

In 2010 the Folk-boat will no longer be available.

The boat-builder Erik Andreassen has unfortunately sold his famous Yard in Kerteminde and with that, the "Mette Gjessöe" as well.

A pity, because this boat also has a lot of sailing-qualities identical to the origional Hallberg-Rassy ones.

In 2008 our Hallberg-Rassy fleet will expand with 30%:

At Easter (mid March), HR delivers another 2 Hallberg-Rassy 37 and in late April a Hallberg-Rassy 342.

We always enjoy the look and smell of the new boats and we are always excited to sail the new vessel from Ellös to Kerteminde, Denmark. And no mistakes at this time of year. That's why we 24 times have chosen a Hallberg-Rassy... 


In the last two years the Hallberg-Rassy 37 has been slightly improved. Especially the pantry area and the staircase have now a more ergonomic design. The motor has been changed again from Yanmar to Volvo-Penta with a sail-drive lowering the risk for vibrations through the hull. The weight of the mast is reduced  meaning 3 spreaders in stead of  2. In all improvements that makes the 37 even better.


At Easter 2004 we got our first Hallberg-Rassy 37. We quickly realized that this was a real fast Hallberg-Rassy. Actually this is obvious when you look at the hull shape in the waterline. Almost never under 7 knots and much closer to the wind. Quite different from our previous HR 36, but not as spacious. You can't get it all... The Hallberg-Rassy 37 is a very good comprimize.

We had a cold sailing tour back to Kerteminde, starting with snow and ice, so we were happy that the boat was dry to sail and equipped with central air heating and hot water. But as we came further southward, the weather eased up and the sun shined bright when we entered Kerteminde Marina. What a trip.


Evidently our customers are very enthusiastic about the Hallberg-Rassy 37.

We had to buy 2 more for 2008 in order to satisfy our customers need.


End of April 2008 we go again  to get another new Hallberg-Rassy 342 in addition to the ones we already have. Also here Hallberg-Rassy have made some very good improvements. Batteries are moved close to mast and near centre of gravity, the main-switches are moved as well and the handrails are more ergonomic designed.

At Easter 2006 we got our first 2 Hallberg-Rassy 342. We were very exited to try this very new construction. The weather was a bit rough. Could it live up to the respected late HR 34 or will it just be a boat in the common line of modern sailing capabilities, like any other of the big yacht-builders of Europe??

The answer is yes and no. On the one hand we learned that the HR 342 is sailing close to the wind, very fast and with a dry cockpit. Also, that it was a dream to live and walk inside the warm boat, especially because it was cold. The headroom is clearly higher (5 cm). On the other hand a little longer keel would have helped the helmsman to hold a more steady course in gale winds and rough sea, and ease the drift in side wind.

In our opinion do the new HR 342 not show the same elegant lines as her predecessor. If the fore-ship could be lowered 15-20 cm in the very front, it would certainly help a lot, and at same time reduce the risk for a significant drift. In order to give our customers a good experience by harbour manoeuvring, we decided to install a powerful bowthruster to compensate for the side wind.



We have ordered Hallberg Rassy to build some small special requests for us in order to give the children a relaxed and safe journey. Rational and sensible arrangements to ease the life onboard for the parents. 

Like all of our newer boats, these will be fitted with teak on coach roof, full batten mains in Elvström Dyneema cloth, Frederiksen or Seldén mast cars, cockpit tent and the newest instruments. The rest, and that's a lot, bowthruster, 3-bladed bronze folding propeller, stand alone chart plotter and all the safety equipment to fulfil the tuff rules of the royal Danish Maritime Authority we install when the boats arrive in Kerteminde. It takes about 2 weeks of work before the boats are ready for charter. But be aware of teething trouble.

A new boat is not necessarily the best. To our 25 years of knowledge: The best Hallberg-Rassy is normally more than 2 years old.




New equipment and services





Spring 2006 until summer 2007 we have installed a Chartplotter in the Cockpit of every boat. The plotter is manufactured af  Sitex/Coden (USA) in EU known as Seiwa, in a suitable size for the boat given. The bigge boats (HR 37 + HR 40) have a 11 inch colour display all the rest of the boats have a 6 inch. (The boats in Kerteminde only)


Bow thrusters


The new HR 40, HR 37 and HR 342 are all fitted with a powerful Bow thruster from Sleipner, Norway. This means that our customers who have already ordered a boat from Kerteminde, get an extra 'kick' when they are leaving or coming to a harbour.  (Boats in Kerteminde only)


Hand over


Our fleet of Hallberg Rassy's in Kerteminde are slowly growing. Therefore we need 2 days to hand over the yachts (Fridays and Saturdays). In this way we are able to give the hirer the best possible individual service and personal instructions for each particular boat.  




In Kerteminde we have built a closed yard, where you are welcome to park your  car, free of charge. It is not guarded, so therefore it is at your own risk. You will get the key for the gates at the hand-over of the boat.







We have bought 3 luggage trolleys for our guests situated at our pier in Kerteminde. The key for the padlock is placed on board the yacht.



When we are sailing ourselves we always found the need for following items:

a) A small rubber boat for children or laying out an anchor  

b) Autopilot 

c) Gennaker 

d) Chart plotter, C-Map MAX: MW4 or W85

These are now on board our ships in Kerteminde without any extra costs.




Logbook and recent developments

June 2006


HR 40 virgin voyage

Another fantastic Hallberg-Rassy 40 were delivered in addition to the one we already have. See a brief description below.

This was the first time ever that we fetched a Hallberg-Rassy in the summertime. It was a relief not to worry of the danger of somebody falling into the cold water, either in the harbour in Ellös (most likely) or during the trip (less likely). We had a wonderful voyage back to Kerteminde, sunbathing while crossing Kattegat in calm conditions. That's how many customers wants it, - now we have tried it too.

Easter 2005






Easter 2005 is no different. We are getting a brand new Hallberg-Rassy 40 and a Hallberg-Rassy 31 in addition to two we already have.

And we are very exited to try the Hallberg-Rassy 40 out on our way home to Kerteminde. It certainly looks very very good, with lots of space to live in.

As my wife says, there is no pantry, its a kitchen and the saloon is a living room.

The sailing potentials were told to be extremely good, fast and steady in various tests, - just what we are looking for. We were really surprised. We got ourselves a boat where we couldn't find one single weakness, - nothing at all...  Steady, but fast sailing capabilities, a boat with real headroom, below the staircase you find the "market-place" and a toilet with a  separate shower. To sail and to live, the best boats at all in the whole JIM Soeferie fleet. Beyond any doubt perfectly designed (original version) and build.


The new Hallberg-Rassy 31 will be equipped even more luxury than the other two we already  have in Kerteminde. So our small crews can look forward to even more nice experiences, with a comfort and functionality that you normally only get by chartering bigger boats... The yard has made only minor changes over the years which amplifies the quality.


Easter 2004


Our first Hallberg-Rassy 37 were delivered from the yard in Ellös. A very young boat in design and production, with a lot of design problems that you normally do not see by Hallberg-Rassy. But that has changed, thank you who ever stood by...

We have learned to like this boat after all. But it was a difficult process.

Compared to the HR 36 it was much smaller down below, but the sailing capabilities were much better. It's the perfect boat for a bigger and younger crew where living-space is not as important as the sailing potentials.

Easter 2003


Another Hallberg-Rassy 34 were delivered to increase our fleet of HR 34's.

In our opinion the most beautiful boat of the entire Hallberg-Rassy fleet.

An optimal relationship between length and beam at deck-side, combined with a very low freeboard and a smooth line dog-house, gives you the most elegant design that Hallberg-Rassy ever have done so far. With built-in fun of sailing due to the effective short but deep keel, course stability beyond any doubts and a inner layout and workmanship that makes any other competitor faint.  

 Autumn 2003 


New in program:

We have found an even better Hallberg Rassy 29 and have refurbished it.

Our customers have been asking for more of HR 29, a wonderful minor boat that went out of production 1991, and a safe boat for the small crew. Now we can offer an even better one than last year.

Our new older boat is built with a single aft-berth, which gives the boat much more room. We have fitted a window at the rear end of the berth towards the cockpit, which makes it appear even bigger and brighter. Above the saloon-table we also fitted a sky-light which together with the light grey upholstery, gives a bright friendly impression of the boat; - all this makes it seem much bigger than it actually is! See more here: Hallberg-Rassy 29 


Easter 2002

Another  Hallberg-Rassy 31 and Hallberg-Rassy 34 were delivered from HR.

See the descriptions no the above.


Easter 2001

Another  Hallberg-Rassy 34 were delivered from HR.

See the descriptions no the above.


Easter 2000

Another  Hallberg-Rassy 31 and Hallberg-Rassy 34 were delivered from HR.

See the descriptions no the above.


History. - Boats delivered, some sold

Easter 1999

 Hallberg-Rassy 36 mk.II from Yard

Easter 1999

 Hallberg-Rassy 34  from Yard

Easter 1998

 Hallberg-Rassy 34  from Yard

Easter 1997

 Hallberg-Rassy 31 from Yard

Easter 1996

 Hallberg-Rassy 36 mk.II from Yard

Easter 1994

 Hallberg-Rassy 31  from Yard

Easter 1994

 Hallberg-Rassy 34  from Yard

Easter 1991

 Hallberg-Rassy 36  from Yard

Easter 1995

 Hallberg-Rassy 312 from Yard

Summer 1984

 JIM Soeferie was  founded